Dark Beauty

The darkness of my soul

Lurches through my skin

It reached out for what it can’t have

It longs for the dark sin

No more can I have this

The longing must hide

I cannot give in

I cannot be its bride

Cold steel

Warm leather

Delicate skin

Braving the weather

A façade is all they will see

The real me hides

She is not acceptable

In anyone’s eyes

She is the soul

Who hungers for pain

She is the soul

Who wants to dance naked in the rain

She is the one

Who wants to be set free

But I keep her captive

She mustn’t be seen

She is alone

Hiding in my skin

She is lonely

Hiding in sin

“Be a good girl” she’s told

“And everything will be alright”

But she knows that this isn’t true

She knows it’s a lie

But no one will love her,

This dark beauty

She must hide

This is my duty

I’ve tried to let her out

I’ve tried to let her in the sun

But she only brings misery

Though she is the one I love

She is the real me

She I must hide

But she wants out

Do I give up the fight?

Fallen Anjel

May 7, 2012

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